Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Originality is a rare phenomenon, more so in the art field, where young artists seldom get encouragement from the patrons. Yet at times we come accross such new artists who bring out absolutely new style of works. Raushanallah. Y is one such artist. An Abstractionist, Raushanallah has achieved a new height by mixing wash technique and free relasing of colours like in water colours to create illusions which are rarely seen in art.

Raushanallah, born in Bangalore is a self taught artist but have been associated with many important artists like Nilanjan Guin and Balraj Panesar. He had never originally intended to join the fine-art field as he was successful in his work as an art designer. An exhibition of his works at Bangalore proved immensely successful and since then Raushanallah started devoting a large part of his time to painting. His works are now being exhibitied by important galleries like Art Eterne, Planet Art and Dubai based Cinnamon Art House.

This year Raushanallah is also being invited for a show where some of the stalwarts like Sanjay Bhattacharya, Devajyoti Ray and Laxman Aley are participating. the exhibition titled "Expressions of our times" will be held between 27th and 31st May at New Delhi's India Habitat Centre.