Saturday, June 17, 2006

In this opening post, we bring some glimpses of the new emerging genre of Art in India : Pseudo-realism.

Variously spelt as Pseudo-realism, Pseudorealism or Pseudo Realism it is making waves in the Indian Art circle these days and is being thought of as the most prominent new genre of the 21st century, which is likely to stay in this ever changing Art World.

Its adherents, mostly young students from Art colleges and the new generation of Art enthusiasts find this new style quite mind boggling but very refreshing and original.

In the coming days, we would try to bring in more on this emerging new style of Art. We would bring interviews with painters of this genre, newspaper articles, and related write-ups.

In this opening post, we bring a picture of the painting titled 'The Cobbler' by artist Devajyoti Ray, who is being hailed at the best artist among the new generation of Artists in India. in forthcoming post we would bring more on him and the likes of him.